The 'Bottoms Up'

The Final Mission - No. 105

S-2 Narrative

Date: the 16th of March, 1945.

Time: 11:25 A.M.

Mission No: 241

Target: Wiener Neustadt, Marshalling Yard - Austria

Enemy Resistance: None

Missing Air Crew Report


S-2 Report
The S-2 Report for this mission.

Map & Charts
Last known coordinates of the B-24.

Historical Note: March 16, 1945 Bottoms Up was not the only plane lost that day in the 450th Bomb Group. One of the B-24's in the 723rd threw a prop on take off and sliced through the fuselage, killing the pilot (Lt. Dick Seeman) the bombardier (Lt. Burgers) and Flight Officer/Navigator (Lewis Gennone).

The official accident report is located here.

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Photos of the Accident provided by Jim Ciborski:Photo 1 Photo 2

Observations & historical data relevant to the day.

Bottoms Up General Documentation