Bottoms Up - The Final Mission

Map & Charts
Below are maps of the last known coordinates of the Bottoms Up before she went missing. Last Known Coordinates: 42.00N-17.00E Altitude: 10,000'

Satellite Images of the Adriatic Sea Lane

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Region Map
The Adriatic Sea Lane
The Adriatic extends northwest from 40° to 45° 45' N., with an extreme length of about 770 km (415 nm, 480 mi). It has a mean breadth of about 160 km (85 nm, 100 mi), although the Strait of Otranto, through which it connects at the south with the Ionian Sea, is only 45-55 nautical miles wide (85-100 km).

Moreover, the chain of islands which fringes the northern part of the eastern shore reduces the extreme breadth of open sea in this part to 145 km (78 nm, 90 mi). Its total surface area is about 60,000 square miles (160,000 km²).

Adriatic Sea
Between Two Coasts
The northern part of the sea is very shallow, and between the southern promontories of Istria and Rimini the depth rarely exceeds 46 m (25 fathoms). Between Šibenik and Ortona a well-marked depression occurs, a considerable area of which exceeds 180 m (100 fathoms) in depth.

From a point between Korčula and the north shore of the spur of Monte Gargano there is a ridge giving shallower water, and a broken chain of a few islets extends across the sea.

The deepest part of the sea lies east of Monte Gargano, south of Dubrovnik, and west of Durrës where a large basin gives depths of 900 m (500 fathoms) and upwards, and a small area in the south of this basin falls below 1,460 m (800 fathoms). The mean depth of the sea is estimated at 240 m (133 fathoms).

Last Coordinates
The Last Known Position of the Bottoms Up
Final position coordinates of the missing B-24.

Sketch of Last Known Position from the MACR.
The last known position of the Bottoms Up as reported by eyewitnesses and documented in the Missing Air Crew Report.

Satellite Photo
The Adriatic Sea
The Adriatic Sea is an arm of the Mediterranean Sea separating the Apennine peninsula (Italy) from the Balkan peninsula, and the system of the Apennine Mountains from that of the Dinaric Alps and adjacent ranges.