The Bottoms Up - After the War

The Search For Answers Begins

1945: Mrs. Catherine Davis spearheaded an overseas search for her missing son, Sgt. Frank A. Davis and the rest of the crew of the Bottoms Up.












The Families of the Crew Begin Search

There is no doubt that the mysterious disappearance of the Bottoms Up on March 16, 1945 left many members of the 450th scratching their heads. What went wrong? Was it mechanical failure with a supercharger? Did the icing conditions factor into the B-24's loss? There were no enemy aircraft in the area.

The questions remain unanswered in the official reports.

If the Army Air Force did not have an answer, neither did the families of the last crew members of the Bottoms Up. The agonizing lack of details provided by the government proved to be too much and sparked one family of a crew member to begins its own overseas search.

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