The Bottoms Up - The 'Davis Search'

One Mother's Attempt At Closure

Catherine Davis' search for her missing son Sgt. Frank A. Davis would be an attempt at closure for all families of the Bottoms Up. Her overseas efforts prompted her to take leave of her job and reach out to congressmen and individuals over seas...

Final Crew of the Bottoms Up

After 60 years, the circumstances and fate surrounding the crew of the B-24 remains a mystery.


Post War

Below are various documents relating to the post war search for the Bottoms Up.

Davis Flyer

April 12th Congressional Letter

August 2nd Congressional Letter

Letter to the Quinn Family

News Clipping

Sgt. Frank A. Davis, Jr., was the Flight Engineer on the final mission of the Bottoms Up that left Manduria, Italy on March 16, 1945. He did not realize that the mission would be his last, never to experience the feeling of the wheels of the B-24 touching down on the runway again.

Frank was from Washington, D.C.and he entered the service on May 4, 1939. He had a very distinguished career and received various awards for his tours of duty.

Upon learning of Frank's loss, his mother Catherine contacted her congressmen to inquire if her son and the other crew members were possibly displaced in the Soviet Union. Ms. Davis even reached out to each crew member's family to inform them of her search. The letters and the responses are located on the right side of this page.

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Ms. Davis did not stop trying to understand what happened to her son. She printed up over 1000 circulars in English and German and sent them overseas to various towns villages in the area of the Adriatic. She posted an award offering one thousand dollars for any information about the plane or its crew. The flyer can be seen on the right side of this page.

To date, it is believed that no one ever responded to her information request.

Update: Recently, I was contacted by Frannie Davis, Frank's niece. She informed me that one of Frank's sisters is still living and was simple amazed at hearing about Restless Wings's search for the Bottoms Up and that someone out there still remembered the crew.

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