With Thanks...

Restless Wings...
I would like to take time to express my deepest thanks to all who have contributed to this site. Many countless hours of research have formed the foundation for this web site. My correspondence with many veterans, historians, and family members have all combined to make this site a truly valuable research center for family members and those interested in the Army Air Force. It is my sincere hope that many more veterans will contribute to these pages by posting crew pictures, submitting oral histories and memoirs, and helping family members learn about the tremendous role of the Army Air Force in World War II.

We must preserve our past today so that we can guarantee that the future will be filled with remembrances of past sacrifices made.

I personally cannot express the tremendous help, guidance and knowledge given to me by the following individuals:

Mark & Craig, the webmasters of the 450th Bomb Group Association

John L. Jeff, Colonel (Retired), 720th Bomb Squadron

T.A.Doriety, M/Sgt., Flight Chief of the 721st Bomb Squadron

Max Schuette, 2nd Lt., 723rd Bomb Squadron

James Ciborski Civ ASC/HO (son of John Ciborski, 720th Squadron, 'Babe in Arms'")

Andy J. Benedict, Lt., 723rd Bomb Squadron

Nancy Jean Rellihan

James S. Peters Sr. M/Sgt USAF (Retired)

Fred Reinke (son of Fred C. Reinke), 721st Bomb Squadron

Dan Quinn and Family (nephew of George P. Quinn, 721st Bomb Squadron)

Fran Davis (niece of Frank A. Davis, Jr., 721st Bomb Squadron)

Don Wastler

Don & Melinda Wood Gray (daughter of Captain Harris L. Wood "Woody")

John Anderegg (grandson of M/Sgt. Leslie "Pop" Witherspoon, 721st Squadron)

Mike Comas ( son of Sgt. Gus Comas, 721st Squadron)

Frank Gerner (son of Ed C. Gerner, Squadron Navigator, 720th Bomb Squadron - Awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross)

Floyd Perkins (Treasurer, 450th Bomb Group Association), 721st Squadron

Ziba Bennitt Ogden, Colonel, USAF (Ret), 721st Squadron

Carl Wicklund, Staff Sgt., 721st Squadron

Robert Wicklund

Nick Cannarozzi

Dr. Shirley Laseter, Director
Air University Library & Press

Don Barnes

Kenneth D. Fullmer, Capt. 721st Squadron

Zeljko Bocek (Vis photos)

Herb Harper

Chad Portenga