Research Links of Interest : U.S.A.A.F.
My research has taken me to various points on the Internet. Here are a list of sites which aided in the location of important historical data pertaining to the Unites States Army Air Force and other military related site. I hope they can help you. Great place to start your research. Total reference site, trust me on this one!

ArmyAirForces Message Board: A great place to locate information concerning the USAAF veterans.

National Personnel Records Center, Military Personnel Records:This is where you obtain Service Records (201 file).

U.S. Army Personnel Command: Obtain a 293 file, Individual Deceased Personnel File. If the individual you are researching was killed in action, the disinterment file will have information about the identification and reburial process.

National Archives: MACR's, KU-Reports, Tactical Mission Summaries, replies may take two to four months.

NOTE: most 15th AF records are stored at AFHRA (below), Maxwell AFB instead of the National Archives. Records pertaining to the military in W.W.II are maintained at National Archives at College Park, MD (Archives II).

Air Force Historical Research Agency (AFHRA): Located at Maxwell AFB Alabama.

American Battle Monuments Commission: WWII Honor Roll, if the veteran you are searching for was killed in action and buried overseas he should be listed in this database. Burials in the domestic United States are not covered. ABM Search Engine

Social Security Death Index: Check to see if your subject is deceased.

Missing Air Crew Reports (Search Engine) * The Missing Air Crew Report (MACR) was authorized in May 1943 to record the facts of the last known circumstances regarding missing air crews. The report was prepared by the unit shortly after the aircraft loss, usually within 48 hours, and then it was sent on to Headquarters, AAF. However, it should be noted that some MACRs were prepared after the war as needs dictated. Also many were prepared at the end of the war to cover losses prior to the institutionalization of the MACR in the summer of 1943. That is why some early 1942/1943 losses will have large MACR numbers while those by fall 1943 will have low numbers.

U.S.A.A.F. Units of World War II :The historical details in this database were extracted from the Office of Air Force History's Air Force Combat Units of World War II by Maurer Maurer, first published in 1961.

Aircraft Specifications & Recognition: Tail markings, aircraft specs, prints.

450th Bomb Group Association: This site is very informative for anyone who is researching a member of the 450th.

B24 Veterans Group: Research info on the B-24 Liberator. Forum site.

B24 Picture Archive: Self explanatory.

B24 Best Web: More on the B24. Good site.

B-24 History: Complete development history on the B-24

The Air Force in WWII: Complete information on the AAF.

Unites States Army Air Forces Combat Chronology: Complete history of the USAAF mission logs.